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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Infographic: Small Businesses Created 72,000 Jobs in March, According to ADP National Employment Report

Employment in nonfarm private small business payrolls rose 72,000 in March on a seasonally adjusted basis, accounting for 38% of employment gains across all payroll size groups. Within small businesses, 53% of the employment growth contribution was associated with companies having between 1-19 employees. Read more here:
Infographic by: ADP

Infographic: ADP Regional Employment Report: Texas, Florida, and California Exceed Average U.S. Growth Rate in March Among States Tracked

Northeast and Midwest Continue to Show Slowest Growth. Read more here:
Infographic by: ADP

Infographic: ADP National Employment Report Shows 191,000 Jobs Added in March

Private-sector employment increased by 191,000 from February to March, on a seasonally adjusted basis. Read more here:
Infographic by: ADP

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Real Cost For First Time Buyers [Infographic]

Let’s be honest: the recession that hit the U.S economy only a few years ago hit us all pretty hard. This truth is especially evident for the generation of young adults who recently graduated from colleges across the country—many of whom left their schools with unimaginable amounts of debt and few jobs available to them to take advantage of.

As a result of the recession, the U.S. has seen a significant increase in the amount of young adults moving back home to live with their parents after graduation. But despite these facts, very real solutions exist that can help those individuals looking for a way to move out of their parents’ basement and into their first homes.

In the following infographic, we’ll provide information on the generation that has decided—by choice or not—to move back into their parents’ homes. We’ll also shed light on the barriers that exist that are preventing young adults from purchasing and moving into their first homes. Finally, we’ll provide recommendations on what an individual needs to do in order to get a few steps closer to owning their first home.
Infographic by: Lending Expert Blog

The Statistical Argument For Customer Advocacy (Infographic)

Customer advocacy is a specialized form of customer service where companies focus on what is best for their customers. In recent years especially, more and more businesses have started to recognize the importance of customer advocacy and have begun implementing strategies that focus more on the customer.

According to a recent survey, a word-of-mouth recommendation is the primary factor behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions. Advocates tell twice as many people about the purchases they make. In the following infographic, we’re presenting a statistical argument for customer advocacy.

We’ll start by providing additional data and research that supports the recommendation that more businesses should be developing  customer advocacy programs. Next, we’ll also provide specific recommendations on how to develop a customer advocacy program for your business. Finally, we’ll shed light on how brands today are leveraging their advocates.

Infographic by: App Data Room

Treasures Lost at Sea (Infographic)

You’ve seen the movies, you’ve read the stories, and you’ve dreamed the dreams about finding sunken treasure, but have you ever spent time learning about what hidden gems actually exist at the bottom of the sea? If not, let us give you some insight on the matter.

 In the following infographic, we’re presenting a handful of documented and unconfirmed treasures that are currently sitting on the ocean floor just waiting to be scooped up by lucky and relentless treasure hunters. We’ll shed light on ships that went down that carried everything from coins and platinum bars to food jars, cannons, and jewels. Whether you are a professional treasure hunter, a history enthusiast, or just interested in learning more about sunken treasure, you are sure to find value in the information outlined in our infographic below.
Infographic by: Self Storage Finders

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

What's That Car Really Worth? (Infographic)

We've all had that experience; walking into a high-priced clothing store and wondering how anyone could justify charging $150 for a t-shirt. The fact is, there are a number of factors, subjective or otherwise, that go into the value of a product, and cars are no exception to that rule. From upholstery to reputation, there's more to the price of your used car than a suggested retail price. Here's what makes that price tag pop, and what features you can avoid to save money without sacrificing safety or dependability.  

Also be sure to get your free dealer cost report which includes the latest new car incentives, average price and what the dealer paid. It’s free and easy. Learn more about how you can save thousands on your new car here.
Infographic by: unhaggle

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Symbiosis Between Education and Income (Infographic)

It’s no secret that earning a college degree or a graduate degree can lead to a higher-paying job. But do you realize just how big the difference can be? We’ve broken it down to show you what kinds of jobs — and how much pay — you can expect when you earn a degree. You should never choose a major or a line of work solely for the pay, but keep these stats in mind if you’re wondering whether or not you should go back to school. Also, think about costs as you consider pursuing more education.

While a higher degree can pay off significantly, it can also come with a high price tag… Your return on investment will not only depend on how much you earn, but how much you have to pay to get that degree.
Infographic by: Veritas Prep

Rise of The Video Empire (Infographic)

According to recent research, the average Internet user is likely to watch roughly 206 videos each month. Based on that statistic, it may not surprise you to read that almost seventy percent of marketers now incorporate video into their marketing campaigns.

In the following infographic, we’re making the case for video and including information that will convince you of how important developing and sharing video is to your overall content marketing efforts online. We’ll start by including a number of compelling statistics about the state of video today. Next, we’ll outline the evolution of video in marketing. Then we’ll shed light on the power of Google and YouTube. Finally, we’ll provide a few recommendations that will help you start making online videos that your audience will appreciate and want to share.
Infographic by: Wyzowl

Door to Door NCAA Basketball (Infographic)

Door to Door is one of the nation's top seed moving and storage companies. See some awesome facts about the NCAA Basketball Tournament and Door to Door Moving & Storage.
Infographic by: Door to Door

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